What is fiber?

Fiber optic technology conveys information through light pulses along a strand of glass the size of a hair. Fiber allows these light pulses to travel great distances, much further than copper infrastructure permits. Since fiber uses light signals instead of electrical pulses, there is no interference between signals and no fire hazards.

SCFN employs over 160 miles of dark fiber in Steuben County, Indiana, allowing organizations to choose their own service provider.


  • is less expensive and thinner
  • has a higher carrying capacity
  • has less signal degradation


Fiber is a passive system, meaning it doesn’t depend on electricity to operate. Storms and power outages hardly affect fiber optic cables, meaning your connectivity won’t be interrupted due to a thunderstorm.

Success Stories

"The Steuben County Fiber Network is so unique. It provides a great service with high-speed internet at a very reasonable cost to our businesses, while feeding a percentage of profits back to each community through our Steuben County Community Foundation. It has made a truly meaningful change in our community."

-Richard M. Hickman
Mayor, City of Angola



"Cameron Community Hospital has always been a forward-thinking and progressive hospital. It is imperative to providing the best possible patient care for each and every patient that walks through the hospital doors. We wanted to do what makes sense for the community and our hospital, and we feel that SCFN will meet the hospital's needs for years to come."

-Kris Keen, MA, MEng
Chief Information Officer, Cameron Memorial Community Hospital



"Bill Geiger and the Steuben County Community Foundation have done an outstanding job in meeting every expectation I could ask for in answering any and all questions with response time that is second to none. What an amazing asset the Steuben County Fiber Network is to our community!"

-Susan Ralston
Owner, Jacob Insurance Service LLC



“SCFN took over a portion of our fiber optic infrastructure a few years ago because we continued to have outages affecting our internet access.  Considering how critical the internet is for Trine University, we decided to find a more reliable partner. Since our cutover, we’ve had outstanding speed and uptime for our ever-growing population and hope to continue our partnership with SCFN.”

-Jason Cable
Director of Information Technology, Trine University