unlimited capacity

SCFN dark fiber allows for any bandwidth while decreasing latency.

You get fiber from us, then light it up with your own network components with total operational control.

The 160 miles of dark fiber we have distributed throughout Steuben County, Indiana means that we need service providers, like you, to collaborate with us to get our connecting customers the best service possible. Our fiber has already been laid in all industrial parks in the county, and 70% of Steuben County businesses are connecting via our fiber infrastructure.

We are currently working with eight separate service providers, who offer both internet and VoIP services; three of these eight are local internet providers.


Why partner with SCFN?

  - Carrier backbones

  - Fiber to "the last mile"

  - Secure & scalable


To discuss the opportunity to offer your internet and VoIP services via the Steuben County Fiber Network, contact Bill Geiger, the network manager, at (260) 668-3111.